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Graffiti Removal Services Perth

FCT Surface Cleaning provide high quality graffiti removal and cleaning services to Perth and surrounding areas.

FCT have held the government contract for graffiti removal since 1994 and our mobile surface and specialised cleaning products can remove graffiti from all surfaces.

At FCT we pride ourselves on our response time and commitment to our customers. We understand that graffiti is a growing concern within our community and by removing it quickly and efficiently it diminishes the chance for recognition and achievement of graffiti vandals.


Graffiti Cleaning Perth

FCT Surface Cleaning have developed machines and cleaning procedures for any surface.

Using both hot and cold machines and specific products, Graffiti is never a problem to remove.

Studies show the quicker you remove your unsightly graffiti the less likely it is to reoccur.

FCT also carry a variety of paints to quickly paint out any offensive works.

Please contact us for further information regarding our graffiti removal services in Perth, Western Australia.

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