Oil drips and stains always make their way to the driveway ruining its beauty. No matter how well you maintain your vehicle, oil leakages are only common. So, while it is important to make sure that your car is in the right condition, knowing the best practices to clean oil off the driveway quickly can be of actual help. There are a bunch of products and cleaners that can be used efficiently to take the strain off from concrete or asphalt driveways but its important to note that getting a professional help to removed the oil stains is really a time saver and essentially safer.

Concrete is porous and absorbs oil readily, but with a little effort, you can surely get rid of the splotches. Read on to find the 3 best ways to clean up oil spills in your driveway:

1. Kitty Litter To Soak Up Oil Spills

Kitty Litters are commonly used for minor oil spills on non-porous surfaces of the driveway. Place a heavy object on top of the kitty litter and use it to grind the granules up into smaller pieces. As a result of this step, their absorbency will increase.

2. Soap Or Detergent To Wash Away Oil Spills

You can use soap or detergent to wash away small to medium-sized stains or older stains on your driveway. Once the oil has had time to sink into the pores of concrete or pavement, there is less hope of absorbing any excess. Instead, this technique attempts to break down the oil into smaller droplets. Once broken up, the droplets can hide deep within your concrete or be scattered to nearby areas. The oil residue will remain toxic and will still be there – although too small to see. When using household soaps to clean oil spills, generic or store brands work just as well as more expensive brands. We do not recommend this method for areas where children or pets play, since it doesn’t remove toxins. Moreover, it may be harmful to plants growing.

3. Degreaser To Break Down Oil Spills

For larger stains on your driveway, you can use degreasers to break down oil stains. While using degreasers, you must wear protective clothing, gloves, and eye protection because they contain harsh solvents that can damage your skin, eyes, and lungs. Accordingly, be sure to cover your arms and legs. Do not breathe in the fumes from these chemicals – wear a mask the entire time you are cleaning.

Also, be sure to read all instructions and warning labels on the degreaser that you’ve chosen to use because there are slight variations in the application process. Also, the use of degreasers will increase the amount of fumes and odors in the area for quite some time.

In conclusion, the above mentioned ways will help you keep your driveways, parking lots, garages, and sidewalks clean. Keep in mind that it is best to have a professional cleaning service to work and clean your driveways to prevent harsh chemicals and solvents in harming your health.

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