Nowadays, sandblasting is widely used to clean, strip, and texture concrete floors used in industrial applications, but it is also becoming increasingly popular in the commercial and residential sectors as well. Currently, sandblasting is used by many homeowners and businesses to reveal the exposed aggregate in concrete floors. This provides the floors with a more elegant finish.

So, why is sandblasting a popular technique for preparing concrete floors in both the commercial and residential sectors? Below are a few good reasons why:

1. Wide variety of abrasive media types

Even though sand was originally recommended for blasting hardened concrete, there is now a wide selection of abrasive media that can be employed. Among them are glass beads, walnut shells, steel shots, steel grit, aluminum oxide, and dry ice. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages associated with each type of abrasive media, but generally, grit-based media offer superior cutting and stripping abilities, while bead-based media can produce better shine and surface consistency.

2. Minimised risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals

A significant factor to consider when selecting between mechanical concrete stripping and chemical concrete stripping is exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals. As opposed to chemical strippers, which can be potentially hazardous when used incorrectly, abrasive media that is used to sandblast concrete does not contain as many chemicals. Sandblasting still pose risks, however, it is less harmful than chemical concrete stripping.

3. Effective and fast way to prepare concrete surfaces

A speedy result is what we all want when preparing concrete surfaces and sandblasting can be a time-saving method when performed by a professional.

Sandblasting workers can easily clean and texture the concrete surface as they move along as they work, so the process is quick and effective while chemical strippers can take days or weeks to work.

4. Cost-effective process in preparing concrete surfaces

Aside from being a fast and effective method of cleaning and textured concrete surfaces, sandblasting is also a cost-effective method of creating a clean, rough surface that is perfect for primers and liquid paints to adhere to.

Sandblasting concrete surfaces will be most effective when done by a professional sandblasting contractor. For a professional sandblasting service, contact FCT Surface Cleaning for a competitive quote at (08) 9204 3333.


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