Spring is finally here! Cold, grey, miserable winter skies have been replaced with beautiful sunshine and warm weather. That glorious sunlight however brings to light how dirty and neglected our homes and outdoor surfaces have become. Don’t panic! Restoring your property to its former glory is easy with pressure washing from FCT Cleaning. FCT Cleaning are a locally owned and operated business that specialise in pressure washing that is effective, affordable and gentle on all surfaces. Located in a remote area? No need to worry. We are a fully mobile company that are happy to travel anywhere in the state to provide pressure washing services for your home or office building.

So why is Spring the best time of year for pressure washing?

One of the main factors to consider is the weather. Winter is too cold and comes with a risk of ice and frost build up which can cause further damage to your home or property. Autumn can also be problematic, as falling leaves can just fall right back onto the freshly washed surface. With all of this in mind, Spring is therefore the perfect time of year to consider pressure washing your grimy driveway, home or office building, as we are heading into warmer weather that is perfect for drying freshly washed, wet surfaces. Banish dirt and grime from your property this Spring with pressure washing services that are gentle yet effective enough to really make your surfaces shine.

Dirty windows, cobwebs and grime build up on the outside of an office building can make your business look unprofessional. An annual pressure wash this Spring will leave your building sparkling in the sunlight and will also ensure that your business attracts the right kind of attention from potential clients.

Is your outdoor furniture and fittings showing signs of neglect?

Don’t panic! A pressure clean this Spring is the answer! Get your home garden party ready and all of your outdoor surfaces and equipment squeaky clean by calling the team at FCT cleaning today. Pressure washing is also the most effective way to clean outdoor surfaces and furniture without the damaging effects of toxic cleaning chemicals, as the high pressure jets of water blast away dirt and grime without needing chemicals to break down the residue. Impress even your most critical guests at your next outdoor event with furniture and outdoor surfaces so clean even your mother in law will approve!

So what are you waiting for? Call FCT Cleaning services today for fast and reliable pressure cleaning that will travel to you all over the state. With our friendly and experienced team, your property is in safe hands, and they will ensure that the correct equipment and techniques are used for the job each and every time. We are so confident that you’ll love our services that we offer a money back guarantee, so you can rest assured that your surfaces will sparkle to their full potential and your money is well spent.



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