Graffiti refers to a written slogan or drawing that has been sprayed, scratched or scribbled on to a wall or another surface in a public place. Whilst spray painted graffiti is the most common, drawings and tags in permanent marker or other substances are common sights around Perth. Not only is graffiti illegal; it is an unsightly eyesore that can greatly impact the overall presentation or value of a building.

There are several methods to remove graffiti safely and effectively:

  • Paint over the graffiti: If the graffiti is on an already painted surface, sometimes it is easier to simply paint directly over it. Using a solvent to remove the graffiti on a painted surface can damage or even remove the existing paint. It is better for the surface to paint over the existing paint and the graffiti in a darker colour; using a darker colour will work more effectively to hide the graffiti and act as a deterrent for future graffiti tagging.
  • Chemical solvents: A chemical solvent is probably the most reliable and easiest graffiti removal method. Chemical solvents are products designed to dissolve and remove the graffiti from various kinds of surfaces. A solvent refers to a chemical that is able to dissolve other substances. Solvents can include specially designed graffiti removal sprays, as well as simple dishwashing liquid. Depending on the type of graffiti, different chemical solvents may work more effectively to remove it. For example, some spray paint is not water soluble and consequently cannot be washed off with water alone. A paint stripping or alcohol based product will work more effectively on this kind of paint.
  • Mechanical removal: The mechanical removal of graffiti involves the use of either sand or high pressure water blasting to forcefully blast the graffiti from the surface. Because of the power of the mechanical force behind the blast, this method is extremely effective at removing extensive or large areas of spray painted graffiti from an unpainted surface. In addition, the power of the blast means that no chemical solvents are needed to effectively clean the surface. Mechanical removal can be damaging to the surface underneath the graffiti, and does not work for all kinds of graffiti.

FCT Cleaning specialise in graffiti removal on all kinds of surfaces on both public and private premises. We understand that graffiti can greatly impact the overall appearance of your property, and that the timely and efficient removal of graffiti is essential. FCT Cleaning have held a government contract for graffiti removal in the greater Perth area for over 20 years, and our professional team are fully trained to handle the removal of graffiti from all kinds of surfaces.



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