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Bio Hazard & Trauma Cleaning

 FCT Surface Cleaning will clean and restore any area in the home, business, or other crime or trauma scene that has been affected by the presence of biological, infectious or toxic waste.

Incidents requiring cleaning such as homicide, suicide, unattended deaths, cases of assault, industrial accident, clandestine laboratory contamination, hydroponic cannabis set ups and cell cleaning.

FCT Surface Cleaning provides a professional valuable twenty-four hour service that spares family, friends, employers and employees the painstaking burden of cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing.

Our staff will rid the scene of any unwelcome or unpleasant reminders. We have the resources to deal with most bio-hazardous incidents. Our decontamination team is ready to go at a moments notice to respond to your needs.

FCT Surface Cleaning has at its disposal: Emergency power and lighting, pressure washers, carpet cleaner, steam vapour cleaning and chemical decontamination equipment,

All FCT Surface Cleaning equipment is OH&S approved and is regularly checked and serviced with our ongoing maintenance program.

FCT Surface Cleaning is able to check for Meth in your premises.

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