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Health benefits of hiring a professional cleaner

February 16th, 2018

There are many benefits to be gained when seeking the support of a professional cleaner. But what many people don’t think about is the potential health benefits that can be gained from hiring an expert cleaning service. Here at FCT Cleaning, we offer a wide variety of services that can be implemented by any home or business. We can take care of all surface cleaning needs ranging from outdoor furniture to windows to driveways to boats to fences. Whatever the requirements are, we are here to happy with over 20 years of experience under our belts. We have seen the weight lifted off many people’s shoulders by seeking our support, and we pride ourselves on the help that we get to offer. Here are some health benefits of hiring a professional cleaner.

Stress is reduced:

It has been widely proven that stress is extremely detrimental to our health. In this busy day and age, there is so much to do that taking care of our homes can often fall by the wayside. This can lead to feeling stressed and can even cause fights to occur in the home. Of the greatest benefits of hiring a professional cleaner is that stress is greatly reduced. A great option is to have an expert team come out to a property every month or so to take care of cleaning the outside of a home or place of business. This way, it can be ensured that a building is looking in top condition all year round, and peace of mind can be had that the job has been taken care of.

Accidents are reduced:

Instead of climbing up that ladder yourself, or carrying that heavy bucket of soapy water, our professional team can instead take on the job. We have all of the necessary equipment to ensure that a job is completed safely, and we are also completely insured. Hiring a professional cleaner on a regular basis is the perfect way to avoid any falls, any back or neck strains or any cuts and bruises. Instead, you can kick back and relax knowing that your property is in the hands of the experts, and you can spend more time doing what you love.

Mould is removed:

It is not uncommon for mould to begin to grow in pools, on buildings, fences, roofs, driveways and more. There are many studies that have found mould to be extremely detrimental to our health especially for children who suffer from allergies. Because of this, it is imperative to ensure that mould is removed as soon as possible, especially if you are living in a wet or damp area. Our professional cleaning team can regularly maintain a property to ensure that there are no nasties growing that can lead to negative side effects.

Pets and children are safe:

Unlike other cleaning companies, we use the best eco-friendly cleaning products possible. This means that no nasty-chemical smell is left behind after a clean is completed and you can have peace of mind knowing that your pets and children are safe to play outside after our team has left the property. We pride ourselves on our Eco Live Clean products as they are free from colours, fragrances, acids and much more. We are confident that you will enjoy our eco-friendly and natural products too.

If you would like to experience some health benefits from hiring a professional cleaner, please contact us on (08) 9204 3333. All enquiries are welcome.



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How Professional Surface Cleaning Can Help Protect Your Investment

February 7th, 2018


It is widely known that investing in a property can be one of the smartest financial moves to make. Whether you decide to rent out the property or to live in the residence, it is likely that interest will build on that property and that equity will be gained. This, however, becomes less likely to occur when a property is not taken care of.

This involves ensuring that all wiring and appliances are working and kept in good condition, as well as regularly clearing the guttering. It means controlling any garden areas so that weeds and rouge branching are never causing any issues or becoming an eyesore. This further involves, ensuring that all outdoor surfaces are free of grime, dirt, mould, and algae. The outside of a home or property is the first thing that people will see, and it is imperative to give good impressions. A homes surfaces can set the tone for the rest of the property, so it is important to have them looking as clean and clear as possible. This way is it more likely that a building will retain its value (if not increase in value) and is a great way to protect your investment.


High-pressure cleaning
Here at FCT cleaning, we offer professional high-pressure cleaning that will ensure any outdoor surface is looking its best. We find this method extremely effective as the positively charged water molecules will stick to any dirt or grime and pull it away from a surface. This means that stone pavements, feature walls and outdoor furniture can be cleaned to look brand new again. This is the perfect way to ensure that your property keeps an up-to-date look and tenants will be kept happy.


Regular surface cleaning
Here at FCT, we encourage regular surface cleaning to achieve the best results. We do understand, however, that this cannot always be done, especially when there are tenants living in a property. A great way to counter this is by implementing a professional clean before tenants move into a property, and we can apply a seal. A seal can be used on a driveway or other outdoor surfaces to keep grime and mould at bay for longer. It can also be wise to include a maintenance clean every six months in your lease details, so tenants can know that an outdoor surface clean will regularly take place.


Other benefits
As well as removing dirt and grime from a surface, our professional team can also cater to graffiti removal and chewing gum removal. Graffiti can immediately reduce the value of a property and can be detrimental when trying to make a sale. We can easily remove this as well as gum to ensure that a building is looking professional at all times. We can further strip paint from old surfaces or furniture to allow for a repaint. This is a great option for older properties that are in dire need of a paint job.


As is can be seen, there are many benefits to regularly cleaning a properties surfaces. Our professional team only use the most ethical and natural products possible, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your children and pets are safe after a clean. Furthermore, seeking the support of an expert team is a great way to retain value in the property as well as protect your investment for years to come.



How To Take Care Of Cobwebs

January 23rd, 2018

Clear Spider Webs
At certain times of the year, cobwebs can become out of control. Yes, they are a natural part of life, however, they can become a nuisance when they begin to overtake an outdoor area. Windows can become clogged up and sitting areas can become an eyesore. It can also become a huge issue for those who are scared of spiders. Some people even avoid certain areas of their homes because they are afraid that there may be too many spiders there.

Cobwebs also tend to be quite sticky so they cannot simply be brushed away. Areas that were once favourites to entertain can become forgotten because people do not want to sit among the webs. Thankfully, there are a few quick things that can be done to take care of overwhelming cobwebs so your home is back to looking its best in no time. Here are some ideas on how to best take care of cobwebs.

Remove them as soon as you see them

One of the best ways to take care of webs is by removing them as soon as you see them. This way, spiders will be less likely to choose that area as their home and will eventually move elsewhere. When webs are left, more spiders tend to also arrive which then, of course, causes more cobwebs. A quick and easy way to remove them is to grab some paper towel to grab the webs and throw them in the bin. Using paper towel is a great way for them to not get stuck to your hands, however, webs can usually be washed off easily with some water if they do get stuck.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Another great way to take care of webs, without them getting stuck to you, is with a household vacuum cleaner. An extension cord can be used so that the vacuum can be taken outdoors to tackle the outside areas. Places that are prone to cobwebs are windows, corners and flyscreens. The only downside to using the vacuum is that is can be hard to lift up to reach high places. For the majority of webs, however, the vacuum can be a great tool.

Purchase a cobweb brush

A cobweb brush can easily be found at a local hardware store and is the perfect way to reach those high areas. The bristles are rounded, unlike a usual broom which makes them an ideal tool for getting into corners. They also include either a long or extendable handle which will allow users to reach cobwebs on ceilings or other high spaces. They can be used indoors or outdoors and are a great item to keep on hand to quickly tackle cobwebs as they arise. The bristle can easily be washed under the sink so that old webs are washed away.

Pressure washing

Finally, the best way to remove cobwebs is with pressure washing. Here at FCT Cleaning, we are able to come to your home and pressure wash all of your outdoor surfaces. This will not only remove cobwebs but will take care of dirt and grime as well. Outdoor furniture can even be taken care of with professional pressure cleaning. We find that this is the most eco-friendly and safest options to not only taking care of outdoor areas but to taking care of cobwebs as well.


High Level Cleaning at Fisheries – Hillarys

January 8th, 2018

This week the team has had our new Reach & Wash system out at the Fisheries Department – Hillarys.

This machine has proved invaluable in accessing those hard to reach places such as high windows.

If you have some high level cleaning you would like us to do for you please do not hesitate to contact the office on (08) 9204 3333.


High Level Cleaning Equipment

December 12th, 2017


FCT Surface Cleaning have just purchased and undertaken training in a Quattro Reach and Wash System, the best point of use system for a wide variety of exterior cleaning applications.

The tough, compact design and ease of use makes this system the number one choice for work in any area where both mains water and electricity are available. Without power available a generator can also be used.

This system can be used to access remote parts of modern buildings such as court-yards and roof tops for atrium cleaning.

High-rise buildings where suspended platforms are used as well as the abseiling technique also benefit from short water fed pole cleaning from rooftop.

This reduces time on site as well as reducing height risks. On-site building maintenance teams also use the Quattro for in-house window and façade cleaning duties as well as spot-free car washing.


  • Residential site cleaning.
  • High rise & Low rise commercial site cleaning.
  • Window Cleaning.
  • Solar Panels.
  • Hard Surface.
  • Sites where access is restricted to vehicles
  • Government Buildings & Schools


A little bit about the system

Reach & Wash® pure water system allows windows to be cleaned from the safety of the ground using long reaching, telescopic water fed poles. These water fed poles provide reach and control without the need for large scaffolding systems, unstable ladders or rope systems that all require additional setup and take down time. For this reason, work efficiency is improved. The time you spend on site is reduced. This all add up to cost savings for the company and customer.

A soft bristled brush is used to scrub the dirt off the glass, while jets of pure water rinse the window. The pure water, as it has no impurities, dries to a spot-free finish leaving no marks behind. Using The Reach & Wash® system, modern window cleaning is no longer the dangerous job it once was.

If you would like an obligation free quote on any of your high level cleaning requirements please do not hesitate to contact the office on (08) 9204 3333.


Five signs that it’s time to hire a professional cleaner

December 6th, 2017


In this busy day and age, many of us are working harder and longer. Sometimes weekends feel fleeting and we barely get time to relax let alone attend to our cleaning needs. It can all feel so overwhelming when our spare time is filled with completing odd (but important) jobs around the home or place of business. Boats need to be cleaned, pools need to be maintained and our windows need to be squeaky clean. There are bigger jobs that must be done such as high-pressure cleaning our driveways, removing graffiti or even restoring a property after a fire or flood. Whatever the job that needs to be completed, our team here at FCT can help. To help you decide if a professional cleaner is needed in your life, here are five signs that it’s time to hire a professional cleaner.

You resent coming home
Have you ever been in your car on the way home from work and have started thinking about the long list of things that must be done. If you have ever had thoughts that you don’t want to go home because there is simply too much to do, this is a sign that it’s time to seek help. Whether you need your courtyard pressure washed, or gum removed from your driveway, we are here to take the resentment out of coming home. After all, everyone deserves to feel at ease after a long day at work.

Your time poor
Many people these days are inundated with work commitments, sporting commitments and family commitments. After you factor in travel time, date nights, birthday parties and hobbies, there isn’t much time left to spend on your home or place of business. When you find yourself struggling to find the time to get to those niggling chores, it may be time to hire a professional.

You just can’t get on top of things
No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get on top of things. Everywhere you look in your home, there is something to-do and you don’t know where to start. This is the perfect time to give us a call at FCT. We can help you with all different types of cleaning needs and have your homing looking spic and span in no time.

You have areas of your home you just don’t go in
Are there areas in your home that you just don’t enter? Do you avoid looking at your roof because you know it needs to be cleaned? Perhaps you have put a cover over your pool so you don’t have to look at it. Avoiding certain parts of your home or business is a sure sign that it’s time to call a professional.

You want more freedom
Do you want more freedom in life to do the things that you love? Do you feel bogged down by all the cleaning requirements that your home has? Do you feel like you don’t get to enjoy your pool because it’s dirty or needs recoating? These are all signs that you need a cleaner in your life. Give one of our friendly team members a call today so you get to have more freedom in your life to do the things you love.




Harris & Hunter is Launched

November 17th, 2017

Business owners Kelly & Tim Harris’ daughter Tahnee last night launched her activewear collection Harris & Hunter at the Proto – Fashion at South Metropolitan Tafe Graduation for 2017.

Tahnee’s activewear collection uses performance fabrications with a sustainable focus including recycled textiles, hand dyed bamboos and regenerated nylon-fibre lycras.  Based on an inspiration of Jodphur – the Blue City, Tahnee’s collection features hand-dyed palettes, geometric panelling, textural layering and quilting.

This is an amazing collection and fantastic achievement and we are very excited to see what’s next for Tahnee.


Courtyard Cleaning

October 30th, 2017

Pressure washing of your courtyard and outdoor areas can make a big difference.

High pressure cleaning involves the use of incredibly powerful hoses that blast surfaces clean with water jets.

These water jets are pressurised at around 100-200 times the air around us, and they’re brilliantly effective at cleaning patios, driveways, barbecues, outdoor furniture and all other kinds of outside dirt and grime.

The results speak for themselves.

If you would like your outdoor areas re-vamped for summer, give the friendly team a call on (08) 9204 3333.

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