At FCT we take every possible precaution to minimise our environmental footprint. We place great focus on preserving the future by ensuring all products used are eco-friendly! Our team prioritises natural alternatives in replace of harsh chemicals to complete all jobs (e.g. vinegar, eucalyptus oil or other environmentally savvy substitutions).

We pride ourselves on continuously looking for new sustainable methods.

How you may ask? FCT refills its cannisters consistently, rather than replacing them! Metal bins are also utilised in our factory for all metals, as well as recycled copper piping and steel.

Now, take a moment to think. Have you considered how surface cleaning can help minimise your footprint? Here’s one way how!

Instead of replacing barbeques and outdoor furniture, we can give them a blast and have them looking brand new again. Moss, black marks, and mould can be washed away, and you can get a few more years out of your possessions. We understand the importance of recycling and know that it is ideal to keep items as long as possible. Many people also have family possessions that have been passed down, so it is important to be able to keep that item.

FCT’s biggest focus for the time being is to operate as a close to paperless business – henceforth the important implementation of our new CRM program. The idea is to eliminate the use of paper time sheets and thus allow employees to track shifts and jobs via personal mobile devices.

The team at FCT cares about the impact we leave – Contact us now for a FREE quote!

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