Decorative Sandblasting

Sand or abrasive blasting is a highly effective cleaning tool for all concrete or tough outdoor surfaces and can also be used for architectural and artistic purposes! This will give your concrete an artistic flair and a special something with custom decorative sandblasting services from FCT Cleaning!

At FCT Cleaning, our expert team of sandblasting technicians use our unique Torbo sandblasting machine to create stunning designs in concrete surfaces. Using different coloured sand stones and oxides, a unique design can be created on stone, metal or concrete surfaces that will really transform your backyard or building. Outdoor spaces in your backyard can become a gallery to showcase stunning architectural sandblasting designs. FCT Cleaning have transformed thousands of backyards and buildings all over Perth and greater Western Australia using advanced decorative sandblasting, and we can’t wait to work with you to create something truly unique.

In addition, FCT have had experience sandblasting different stencils such as school or company logos. We’ve provided our decorative sandblasting for Perth’s Wellington Square! 


Each and every one of our sandblasting jobs is a unique project. That’s why the team at FCT Cleaning will involve you in every stage of the project, from conception to creation. Unsure what kind of decorative sandblasting will suit your property? We have a multitude of stencils and templates to choose from, and our expert sandblasting team will help you to decide the perfect designs for you.

We are passionate about creating beautiful, as well as clean, homes and buildings with our expert sandblasting services. Let your stunning outdoor area, which is comprised of beautifully and tastefully textured concrete, become the envy of all of your friends and neighbours today with decorative sandblasting from FCT Cleaning.

Call FCT on (08) 9204 3333 for an obligation free quote or if you have any questions!