We all love taking our boat out, popping open a beer and leaving all our troubles on land. But one of those troubles (boat cleaning) will follow you out to sea if you don’t look after your boat properly.

Never fear! We have provided some top tips we have to look after your boat and the ways you can keep it looking tip top.

Boat Cleaning: After Every Use

Rinse it Down with Detergent

Every time you take your boat out on a body of water, ensure you give the bottom of the boat a rinse. This will remove any unwanted marine organisms or particles stuck to the bottom of the boat. Don’t scrub the boat as without the right tools this could damage its finish. Give it a rinse from top to bottom making sure to remove any grime.

Give the Hull a Light Wash

The hull is the portion of your boat that rides both in and on top of the water. It does not include any masts, sails or rigging. Using water and a soft sponge, give the hull a light clean to remove any dirt. Keeping your hull clean will actually help you move through the water at a faster rate.

Make Sure All Components are Properly Lubricated

After taking it out on the water, you’ll want to make sure that you lubricate all greasable points. You can do this either using grease or WD40. This is usually any mechanisms attached to the boat. By lubricating your boat it reduces the friction between any moving components. Ensure you use a marine type waterproof grease and also check with the manufacturer’s guidelines to decide what you could potentially use.

Boat Cleaning: Once in a While

Wax the Hull

Unless you are an avid boat user, we recommend waxing the hull a couple times a year. After you’ve taken your boat out and given the hull a light wash, this is the time that you can give it a wax. We recommend using a non-toxic environmentally safe boat cleaner whilst the boat is still wet. Again, only use a soft sponge to apply it. After drying, use a wax suited to your boat’s finish. We recommend checking manufacturers guidelines to decide what wax you should use.

If at any point you’re noticing your vessel has gone from needing a boat cleaning to a boat restoration, give the team at FCT a call! We specialise in paint stripping, boat restoration and antifouling for boats. Our fully mobile team can come to you and your boat to help with whatever your needs might be. We believe in using eco-friendly products when we can to minimise the impact on our environment. Give our team a call on (08) 9204 3333 or email us at admin@fctcleaning.com.au for a free quote! 


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