Perth has been hit with a blazing hot Summer with a new record of 44.4 degrees set on Monday. This was a crazy hot day and although as Australians we are conditioned to love the heat we also need to be wary of the damage it can cause to our health and well-being but also to our location which is at high risk of fires.

Perth suburb Menora was hit with a major fire over the weekend causing over $1.5 million of damage. The fire spread quickly and fire fighters took great measures to control the blaze and eventually eliminate it. Fortunately no-one was hurt.

There is extensive impairment to the home with water damage and smoke damage right throughout and the first level ceiling collapsing due to the fire on the second level.

FCT regularly attends these kinds of jobs and are always able to provide a method for removing smoke and water damage from the premise. However, though there is a method of cleaning up the damage, Australians need to be extremely careful and should instead aim to prevent items catching ablaze.

Call us today if you have been hit with a fire and we will endeavour to get your property (or fire damaged item) back to its original condition.



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