Wayne and Kaina, two of FCT’s pressure cleaners were asked to remove extensive graffiti from the roof of a building in Osborne Park. Graffiti is a serious problem and can make buildings and other surfaces look unsightly – especially when the graffiti is of an offensive nature.

Often graffiti is removed instantly, however in some cases (like this one) graffiti is left on surfaces for too long and can damage the paint work causing more detriment. Another problem with leaving graffiti on surfaces too long is the recurrence of graffiti. When graffiti tags are removed within 24 hours of placement, from our 20 years of experience, it is less likely to be hit again in the same spot.

This gives reason to rid any graffiti tags within 24 hours of placement, regardless of the size.

Luckily for the owners of the extensively tagged premise in Osborne Park, Wayne and Kaina were able to successfully remove the graffiti from their site.

See the excellent results below.

Graffiti Before Graffiti After Removal



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