Your limestone exterior walls are a stunning, dramatic accent to your home. But how do you care for them so they stand the test of time?

4 Steps for Helping Your Exterior Limestone Walls Stand the Test of Time

With their unique composition, limestone exteriors have unique maintenance needs compared to other wall exterior choices. First, before cleaning the limestone, the surrounding area needs to be masked off so that no unintended surfaces will be hit with overspray.

  1. Mask-off. The first step in limestone cleaning was to power wash the front of the house, removing any dirt or mold that had built up over time.
  2. Clean. Then, for the second step, begin by cleaning the building with a limestone cleaner. In addition to cleaning, limestone cleaners also help remove mildew and algae from the surface of your exterior wall.
  3. Dry Thoroughly. After cleaning the front of the house, it was important to dry everything thoroughly before getting started on sealing.
  4. And that brings us to step four: sealing! After washing the limestone walls, it was time for sealing. This is an important part of helping your exterior walls stand the test of time because without sealing, you are inviting problems down the line.

With proper cleaning and sealing, your limestone exterior walls will remain in excellent condition, enhancing the aesthetic and economic value of your building for years to come.

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