FCT Surface Cleaning have just purchased and undertaken training in a Quattro Reach and Wash System, the best point of use system for a wide variety of exterior cleaning applications.

The tough, compact design and ease of use makes this system the number one choice for work in any area where both mains water and electricity are available. Without power available a generator can also be used.

This system can be used to access remote parts of modern buildings such as court-yards and roof tops for atrium cleaning.

High-rise buildings where suspended platforms are used as well as the abseiling technique also benefit from short water fed pole cleaning from rooftop.

This reduces time on site as well as reducing height risks. On-site building maintenance teams also use the Quattro for in-house window and façade cleaning duties as well as spot-free car washing.


  • Residential site cleaning.
  • High rise & Low rise commercial site cleaning.
  • Window Cleaning.
  • Solar Panels.
  • Hard Surface.
  • Sites where access is restricted to vehicles
  • Government Buildings & Schools


A little bit about the system

Reach & Wash® pure water system allows windows to be cleaned from the safety of the ground using long reaching, telescopic water fed poles. These water fed poles provide reach and control without the need for large scaffolding systems, unstable ladders or rope systems that all require additional setup and take down time. For this reason, work efficiency is improved. The time you spend on site is reduced. This all add up to cost savings for the company and customer.

A soft bristled brush is used to scrub the dirt off the glass, while jets of pure water rinse the window. The pure water, as it has no impurities, dries to a spot-free finish leaving no marks behind. Using The Reach & Wash® system, modern window cleaning is no longer the dangerous job it once was.

If you would like an obligation free quote on any of your high level cleaning requirements please do not hesitate to contact the office on (08) 9204 3333.




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