For almost everyone, fire is the last thing that they would want to deal with. Taking the right steps after a fire and choosing a professional fire and smoke damage restoration service is essential to repairing and restoring your home to pre-disaster conditions. A fire can cause costly damage to your home.

After a fire, many physical damages are visible. However, the damages from the smoke and soot can be extremely dangerous and unseen to the naked eye. Some signs of smoke damage can occur immediately while others can occur days after the fire. It is important to understand that smoke damage cleanup must be performed immediately after a fire to prevent serious health complications that can affect you and your family.

Issues Resulting From Fire And Smoke Damage:

1. Discolouration

Stains and discolouration will appear on walls, ceilings and surfaces after a house fire. The floors and walls in your home may turn yellow within a few days. The flooring may require a replacement. As for hard surfaces, such as wallpaper and wood, these surfaces can become permanently discoloured. Metal hardware can also begin to rust or corrode.

2. Odor

Smoke spreads quickly to other areas, leaving behind a strong odour smell. The smell of smoke after a fire can get trapped inside the walls, upholstery, clothing, carpets and furniture. Smoke will remain in a room or house if professional smoke damage restoration and soot removal are not performed. When inhaling smoke or soot, it could cause or increase respiratory problems.

3. Weakened Structure

Fire can damage concrete and cause it to expand and crack. The exposed layers will burn and swell easily and can cause the outer layers to break off, eventually leading to an unstable structure. Fire smoke can linger in the ventilation system much long after the fire has occurred and therefore, requires a thorough inspection and deep cleaning.
The level of damage will depend on where the fire started. Certain areas may have more damage than others. The type of smoke or soot damage will determine how we clean the affected area.

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