At certain times of the year, cobwebs can become out of control. πŸ•ΈπŸ•·πŸ‘»

Yes, they are a natural part of life, however, they can become a nuisance when they begin to overtake an outdoor area. Windows can become clogged up and sitting areas can become an eyesore. It can also become a huge issue for those who fear spiders. 😳

Cobwebs also tend to be quite sticky so they cannot simply be brushed away. Areas that were once favourites to entertain can become forgotten because people do not want to sit among the webs. Thankfully, there are a few quick things that can be done. Here are some ideas on how to best take care of cobwebs. πŸ’‘

1.Remove them as soon as you see them.

This way, spiders will be less likely to choose that area as their home and will eventually move elsewhere. When webs are left, more spiders tend to also arrive which then, of course, causes more cobwebs. A quick and easy way to remove them is to grab some paper towel to grab the webs and throw them in the bin. Using paper towel is a great way for them to not get stuck to your hands.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner.

Another great way to take care of webs, without them getting stuck to you, is with a household vacuum cleaner. An extension cord can be used so that the vacuum can be taken outdoors to tackle the outside areas. The only downside to using the vacuum is that is can be hard to lift to reach high places. For most webs, however, the vacuum can be a great tool.

3. Purchase a cobweb brush

A cobweb brush can easily be found at a local hardware store and is the perfect way to reach those high areas. The bristles are rounded, unlike a usual broom which makes them an ideal tool for getting into corners. They also include either a long or extendable handle which will allow users to reach cobwebs on ceilings or other high spaces. 



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