Concrete Driveway Maintanence

A concrete driveway can require only small amounts of maintenance as long as routine care is provided. No driveway paving material, including concrete, is truly maintenance free!

Here are some tips for preserving the life and appearance of your driveway:

Clean and Reapply Sealer as Needed!
How often this is required will depend on exposure to weather conditions and the amount of traffic it receives. Generally, you should reseal a concrete driveway every two to three years or when the finish begins to show wear.

Remove Stains Immediately!
While a sealer will help protect concrete from stain absorption it is still a very good idea to remove oil, grease and other spills from your driveway as soon as possible.
If your driveway does look like it requires some maintenance and cleaning, FCT can help. We can either provide you with advice on cleaning, or we can provide you with cleaning and pressure washing services.
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