For many Australians out there, they will be renting a property instead of living in one that they own. This can be for many different reasons, but commonly it is because someone is saving for a deposit for their own home. Others may be wanting to try out a certain area to see if they like it before they buy, and some will have recently gone through a separation or divorce and so will need to rent for a while until they can get back on their feet. But no matter the reason for renting, it is always important to leave a building in tip-top condition when it comes time to leave. This is not only to pay respect to the building that has housed someone for the duration of their tenancy, but it is also a great way for people to ensure that they will have their full bond payments returned. Furthermore, it can build trust with the landlord and make it more likely that they will give them a positive reference if the person ever wants to rent again. It can also simply be common courtesy to leave a home in the best condition possible.

What is usually involved in an end-of-lease clean?

For some, when they complete an end-of-lease clean, they will think about the basics such as sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and moping. There is actually a lot more involved in the process which is why so many people will hire professional help such as ourselves here at FCT. Many will not know that they will need to complete tasks such as cleaning the inside of an oven, washing walls, getting rid of cobwebs, hosing down windows, and clearing any overgrown garden areas. Another area that many people forget to focus on is driveways or any paths areas. The reason why it can be important to take care of these areas is because vehicles such as cars and motorbikes are driven over and parked on these areas. This means that they can suffer from tyre marks, dirt, and even oil leaks. A great way to make sure that outdoor paved areas are taken care of is with professional high-pressure cleaning. While this is not regularly the first thing that people will think of when it comes to an end-of-lease clean, it can actually be a great investment as it can lift the whole appearance of a building and help ensure that bond payments are returned in their entirety.

What does professional high-pressure cleaning involve?

Professional high-pressure cleaning is a completely mobile service where a company such as ourselves here at FCT will come to a property to take care of driveways, barbeque areas, outdoor furniture, and patios. We bring our own equipment which is designed to remove grime, grease, and dirt without damaging the integrity of the surface. This service is completely affordable and is the perfect way to take care of a building when ending a rental lease. Renters are able to implement professional high-pressure cleaning to not only impress their landlords with the immaculate condition that they leave a building, but they can ensure that they receive all of their bond payment back as well. This is why it can be so important to think about these types of services when it comes to an end-of-lease clean.





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