The short term benefits of clean windows are obvious: it looks great to have spotless windows. They let in natural light, allows you to appreciate the view of the outdoors and maintains a clean appearance. However, you may not be aware that there are also long term benefits to keeping your windows clean. You’d be surprised to know that maintaining clean windows is ideal for the life of your building and can even save you money.

Of course, it is important to remember that window cleaning should be done by a professional. Special equipment and training is needed to reach windows which are high up or otherwise difficult to reach. Using incorrect cleaning products can even cause damage to your windows. At FCT Surface Cleaning, we are proud to deliver expert professional cleaning solutions which are safe, trustworthy, and leave your windows looking absolutely spotless.

Prolongs their Longevity 

Did you know that regularly cleaning your windows extends their usable lifetime? This is because, unbeknownst to you, debris can cause small scratches on your window which cause long term damage. Foreign objects causing micro-scratches on the glass, which, over time, will eventuate in the window needing replacement. Cleaning your windows often will stop this damage in its tracks.

Furthermore, regular professional window cleaning allows us to apply the right products to extend the lifetime of your windows. For example, your windows may benefit from application of dirt repellent products, which keep your windows looking clean for longer as well as preventing the above described damage which would otherwise shorten the life of your windows.

More Cost Effective

Another reason to arrange for regular professional window cleaning is we are able to see any problems with your windows and surrounding surfaces which require immediate attention. This gives you the opportunity to address a small problem rather than wait until it becomes a big problem. If you wait, this big problem can also turn into an expensive problem and might require a window replacement. For example, you may need something as simple as needing to fix your sealant. If you do not address this, the sealant will further deteriorate and you may find water streaming in at the next storm.

Boosts the Building’s Efficiency

Finally, an often overlooked reason for regular window cleaning is that it can boost the energy efficiency of your building. You would be surprised at how much dirt and grime on your windows blocks natural light from coming in. As it accumulates gradually, you do not suddenly notice the difference until you clean your windows. Allowing in a large amount of natural light means that you will have to rely less on using artificial lights. During the winter months, you may even find that clean windows allow enough sunlight in that you can reduce your need to switch on heating. Using less electricity is not only a long-term benefit for the planet, it also helps with your bottom line.

To find out more about FCT Surface Cleaning and how we can help you achieve the long term benefits of having clean windows, please get in touch with us. We can be reached by phone on (08) 9204 3333, or you can leave us a message through our web form and we will get back to you. We are proud to provide window cleaning and outdoor surface cleaning surfaces all across Western Australia.



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