Meth Lab cleaning services are required when a property that had been formally used in the manufacture of methamphetamine needs to be cleaned and restored to make it ready for use. During the meth manufacturing process, several hazardous materials are left behind in that area and its immediate vicinity.

These chemicals can be extremely dangerous to the well-being of individuals living nearby, and the toxins can affect people’s health too. The only way to make sure that the premises are safe for habitation in the future is to engage the services of professionals for meth lab cleaning.


Discreet Meth Lab Cleaning Services

This is a highly specialised job and not something you can leave to an inexperienced company. As mentioned earlier, meth manufacturing leaves behind excessive amounts of toxic waste. This is why any building that has been used for this purpose will be very hazardous to individuals living or working in that structure as well as around it. The decontamination of a former methamphetamine lab needs to be completed before the structure is cleared for occupancy again.


What Is Involved In Meth Lab Cleaning?

There are various processes that need to be followed during a meth lab cleaning project such as:

  • Complete testing and analysis of the space. The contaminated areas will be swabbed meticulously and sent to the lab for detailed analysis.
  • All of the contaminated furniture and waste material will be disposed of responsibly. This includes any waste, furniture, household items, fixtures, found on the property.
  • The meth lab cleaning professionals will also attempt the remediation of contaminated furniture and other items.
  • Expert technicians will thoroughly clean the premises.
  • Follow-up testing will be conducted, and the entire building will be swabbed thoroughly again. These samples will be sent to that same lab for testing. The experts will compare the two readings to make sure that the chemical and toxicity levels are at safe levels.


Meth Lab Remediation – The Work Process

During meth lab remediation, the company will recover and try to restore the fixtures, rooms, and structures that were previously used in methamphetamine production. This is an extremely complicated process which involves the use of specialised equipment, tools, and skilled meth lab cleaning professionals. Since there is a stigma attached to meth labs, the company that handles the job should also be able to handle it discreetly. This goes a long way in ensuring that the work is completed effectively and quickly.


Efficient Meth Lab Cleaning Services

We at FCT Surface Cleaning offer high-quality, discreet meth lab cleaning services to clients across the region. When you hire us for this job, you can rest assured that the work will be completed safely, methodically and to industry standards.


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