This week’s Munchin with the Mortons recipe is the perfect meal for a cold winters day …

Pat’s Asparagus Lasagna

– Fresh lasagna 30 x 20 backing dish 3 layers pasta
– 1 kg asparagus
– Water
– 60 gr butter
– 3 tbsps flour
– 2 ½ cups hot milk (or less milk add cream)
– Salt and pepper
– 375 gr mozz cheese
– 1 cup parmesan

Cook lasagna in salted water as per instruction then plunge into cold water Snap woody ends off asparagus – save these. Boil 5cm water – add asparagus spears cook until tender (about 4 mins) Drain, reserve liquid. Add woody ends to this and simmer for 10 mins. Discard ends, reduce water to a cup. Melt butter in pan add flour, stir into butter, add warm mild and asparagus water. Season well, when thickened remove.

Assemble lasagna – layer of sauce first, layer of pasta another layer of sauce, 1/3 of asparagus diagonally laid – next mozzarella. Repeat twice more finish with sauce, parmesan and more mozzarella on top. Bake 180’C for 45 minutes.

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