office cleaning post lockdown

office cleaning post lockdown

We made it! We’ve braved the 5 day lockdown and we’re back to our normal day to day schedule. Sort of. As we all return to work we find ourselves feeling differently about the furniture and office objects that we never spared a second thought before.

WA has been lucky enough that we were able to spend 10 months without any community transmission and that has made us comfortable. Maybe too comfortable.

If you’re worried about germs and concerned about stopping the spread, then implement a COVID office cleaning checklist post-lockdown, of all the things you should clean daily, weekly and monthly. We’ve put one together for you right here:

Office Cleaning Post-Lockdown


These are things that need to be cleaned because they are high-touch areas and will most likely be the cause of transmission. Some of these include:

  • Tables and desks
  • Countertops
  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Cabinet handles
  • Kitchen counters
  • Microwaves
  • Communal phones

Wiping these down with disinfectant spray or wipes after every working day would be a good precaution put in place.


These are surfaces that only you will touch on a weekly basis but should still disinfect as a precaution:

  • Your own desk
  • The keyboard
  • The computer screen
  • The mouse
  • Stationary
  • Personal phones

In addition, if you are in a shared work space, these should be cleaned before the next person comes to sit at your desk.

Vacuuming and mopping of the floors should also be implemented once a week. You never know where peoples feet have been!


Some office cleaning tasks that could be necessary on a monthly basis would be:

  • Vacuuming vents
  • Cleaning of surface areas especially in places where dust might hide
  • Dusting of ceiling corners and windows
  • Outside window cleaning

These are often spaces that are not encountered very often but are considered a general services clean and need to be cleaned somewhat frequently in order to prevent he spread of germs.

Implementing an office cleaning checklist post-lockdown once everyone is back at work will help ensure your office is meeting COVID regulations and safety procedures. Don’t waste time! Get on it today!

For more info on COVID cleaning regulations check out Safe Work’s office cleaning guidelines and Safe Work’s Industry cleaning guidelines 



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