Like all house-hold items, swimming pools need a little bit of tender, love and care! Letting the condition of a pool deteriorate makes it harder for you to restore in the future. Find out more about the benefits of pool restoration and resurfacing services and how it can ensure that your pool bounces back just in time for the hot, Perth Summer.

It Prevents Further Damage

When the surface of a pool begins to deteriorate it makes it very hard to clean. When the condition of your pool surface reaches this point, further unsuitable cleaning can lead to additional wear and tear appearing in the structures of the pool. Structural damage can end up costing a lot more than a regular pool resurfacing. And it can leave your family without somewhere to swim for the summer. If  you find a crack, call a professional to ascertain if this issue will need pool restoration and resurfacing services.

It Can Prevent Injuries

A rough surface with cracks and bumps can cause swimmers to obtain scratches or cuts that could turn into infections. To ensure you friends and family are swimming in the safest environment, it is wise to organise a simple pool resurfacing. A resurface will make your swim feel more pleasant as your feet will be rubbing against a smoother surface. There’s no point owning a pool if the condition are not ideal to swim in!

It Improves the Appearance

Although everyone wants somewhere to escape to during Perth’s hot summer, it is worthwhile having a pool that looks aesthetically pleasing. As a pool ages, the concrete can begin to erode and trap dirt. This will make the pool look dirty no matter how much cleaning you do. The effects of an aging pool will begin to expose the original plaster structure and cause the pool to lose its glossy look of charm and luxury. If your home is up for auction or sale, the appearance of your pool is imperative. A potential buyer doesn’t want to see a pool that is halfway there. Just like they’ll want a house ready to move into, they’ll want a pool ready to swim in.


If this is starting to sound like you and your pool, give us a call here at FCT on (08) 9204 3333! We will be able to tell you more about our pool restoration, tile blasting, acid washing and sand blasting services! Or check out our pool resurfacing page for any additional info you might need!

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