FCT has been contracted by TSSI to clean the roof cavity and soffits of the Puma Fuel Station in Meadow Springs. This fuel station has suffered extensive bird waste, dirt and dust to the roof cavity and dueof the bio-hazardous nature of this waste, it must be removed immediately and in compliance with OHS regulations.

The removal of bird waste is no easy feat, requiring full body coverage to avoid diseases such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis. This means that hygiene and safety is imperative to avoid any OHS hazards. The removal also calls for OHS waste dumping by Instant Waste Management. Bird waste is to be dampened down and disposed of into 2UM thick grade plastic bags, then placed into a 2UM thick plastic grade lined skip bin where it is wrapped up and removed into a special dumping area for bio-hazardous waste.

The bird waste is in close proximity to wiring and electrics, making it difficult to remove as no water or pressure systems can be applied. This calls for a lot of timely manual labour by FCT staff as removal now must be done by scrapping and brooming out.

FCT commences the works tomorrow and is anticipating the removal of bird waste. Despite the set-backs and timeliness of the task, no job is too difficult for FCT.

Stay tuned to find out the outcome of this job.




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