Pools are special places in your home, but as with every thing else in your home, the aesthetics and functionality of your pool will fade with time. The surface of a pool lasts approximately ten years. A deteriorating pool can make swimming uncomfortable and, worse, may compromise your safety. You’ll soon notice the signs of deterioration and feel discomfort to swim in it.

FCT Surface Cleaning offers Pool restoration and have helped pool owners in restoring their pools like it is newly installed. These signs below will help you make this important decision to restore your pool:

1. Stains that can’t be removed

Is your pool unappealing due to unremovable stains? Does it seem that no matter how hard you scrub, the stains are simply unremovable? Failure to properly maintain your pool and maintain the right chemical balance could lead to permanent pool stains. Occasionally, stains can be caused by leaves or any other natural debris that was not removed immediately from the bottom, as well as algae that leaves stains that are hard to remove.

2. Rough pool areas

It would be a sure sign that your pool needs resurfacing if you notice several rough spots on the floor of your pool. Poor craftsmanship during construction could cause rough spots. Imbalanced PH levels can also cause rough spots. When you observe these changes, you know that you need to have your pool restored.

3. Corrosion in tile grouts

Pool tiles can eventually corrode when not properly cared for. Poor installation results in the tiles losing their adhesive property, causing them to pop off. If it fails years later, you’ll realise it wasn’t done correctly.

4. Erosion surface marks

Erosion marks are caused by water moving over a surface over time. Maintaining a proper chemical balance can prevent erosion. By adding calcium to your pool’s surface, you can prevent it from being dissolved by water. Otherwise, you should consider pool restoration services.

5. Inexplainable water level drop

A simple explanation would be poor craftsmanship. Incorrect pool construction can
cause cracks or leaks that are difficult to detect. It is important to hire a professional pool provider for installation of a quality, long lasting pool. And also, pool restoration will help resolve the problem.

For professional pool restoration services, contact FCT Surface Cleaning for a competitive quote at (08) 9204 3333.



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