Our team is now offering sanitizing products to decontaminate common surfaces.

Although studies on this topic are limited, recent information released by health experts is giving us a timeline of how long COVID-19 ‘germs’ remain stable and possibly infect you. We therefore urge you to wipe down and disinfect common surfaces on a daily basis.

Fct Surface Cleaning are specialists in the surface cleaning industry with over 26 years’ experience. We offer decontamination cleaning services and products that are affordable, effective and compliant with national standards. Our professional team are highly trained to ensure the area is properly sterilized. Let us help you to combat the spread of viral bacteria.

We touch high risk surfaces – benches, keyboards, phones, fridges, steering wheels (to name a few) – throughout the day. This virus is not selective. Although younger generations are at less risk, you are not invincible or immune. The latest statistics from NSW are stating the highest
effected age bracket is between the ages of 20 to 29.
We are offering the following:

  • 500ml @ $15
  • 750ml @ $18
  • 1 Litre @ $22

Please email admin@fctcleaning.com.au or call 9204 3333 to purchase.

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