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Summer Cleaning Tips and Tricks

As the warmer months approach we know that the last thing on your mind is cleaning. However, FCT has a few cleaning tips and tricks that will help change your Summer cleaning forever!

1. Use leftovers as cleaning supplies – If you have half a lemon left over, use it to clean stainless steel fixtures and faucets. Rub it over the area you want to clean and then wipe them down with a microfiber cloth.

2. Get grime off your grill – While the grill is still warm, use a wire brush to scrub down the grates. If you’re dealing with a major mess, take the grate off the grill, and use the over cleaner to attack the stuck-on food and grime.

3. Fight water rings with an unexpected superhero – No matter how vigilant you are about keeping coasters available to guests, inevitably someone will put a glass right on your new wood coffee table. Don’t sweat it. Instead, apply full-fat mayonnaise to the water ring, let it sit for an hour and then gently wipe off with a cloth.

4. Don’t let sticky or sweaty hands get the best of your appliances – Keep the kids’ or your own sticky fingerprints off the fridge using a citrus-based furniture polish. It does a great job cleaning and leaves a slightly oily surface, repelling future marks.

5. Don’t let unsuspecting items get grimy – Plastic pool toys, floaties or rafts need to be cleaned too. Use vinegar applied to a paper towel to wipe them down. It disinfects and you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals touching you or your child’s skin.

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