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The most common places where mould usually invades is in kitchens, bathrooms, attic/roof spaces, and basements. However, mould can also be found in bedrooms, as well. Finding mould in your bedroom is the most concerning as it poses the most dangerous health risks.

What Causes Bedroom Mould?
Mould can grow on many different types of materials, including porous and natural materials such as paper, cardboard, wood products, and ceiling tiles. In spite of the fact that your bedroom may appear clean and tidy, there are some factors that can make it a haven for mould growth.
If not dried within 48 hours, even small spills and small amounts of water ingress can cause mould growth in your bedroom. Mould requires enough moisture to grow and spread. Poor ventilation is not the only reason mould can grow. Excessive humidity and condensation, both of which result in mould growth, can also cause mould to grow.

How Can We Prevent Mould Growth in the Bedroom?

There’s almost no way to prevent mould spores from entering your home because microscopic spores easily enter through open windows, vents, open airways, and even cling directly to pets and clothing. The best way to prevent mould infestations is to make sure your bedroom doesn’t provide favourable conditions for mould growth and carry out regular cleaning including treatment at the first sign of mould. That means keeping the humidity low, increasing ventilation, and cleaning up spills.

Here are a few tips that should help you reduce the risk of future mould infestations:
– Ensure proper ventilation and airflow by opening your windows

– Use a dehumidifier or A/C to reduce your bedroom humidity
– Move furniture away from the wall
– When spills occur, clean them up within 48 hours
– Consider upgrading your walls and ceiling insulation if condensation is a
persistent problem in your bedroom.
– Avoid leaving stacks of papers, clothing, or bedding undisturbed for long periods of time

– Leave spaces between clothes and other items in your closet
– If there are any leaks in your house, fix them or hire a professional to carry out repairs as soon as you are able

Mould can be bothersome, but with caution and proper maintenance, you can prevent severe infestations and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without worrying about health issues.

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