With the Summer months fast approaching it’s easy to put aside simple maintenance tasks that can make all the difference to your residential home or business. 🏑 The look of a fresh driveway, clean windows or simply an exterior free from bore stains will enhance the value and overall appearance of your property.

The warm weather also marks that time of the year where Christmas decorations are soon to hit stores, triggering the frantic anticipation to complete the working year – along with the panic of buying presents, attending social events and keeping on top of life in general. Now, this is where FCT can help. πŸ™

Amidst the manic hysteria, how can Surface Cleaning relieve some of this pressure you may ask? Well, if you are subject to hosting any social or corporate events this festive season, we’ve got you covered. πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ

Just imagine welcoming guests – whether it be friends, colleagues or possibly the ever-critical in-laws – to your professionally cleaned β€˜new’ home. As you usher them in, they are greeted with an immaculate exterior. The driveway is beaming, the windows are spotless, the walls have been washed down, all surfaces are free from dirt, bore stains and mould…This is your year to impress. 😏

Not only will your ship-shape front exterior score you some street cred’, the back can outshine expectations too. The team at FCT can save you from unnecessary purchases and get your furniture or appliances looking as good as new. So, why not compliment a backyard party in Summer with couches and chairs free from cobwebs, or a sparkling BBQ top. You name it, we clean it! πŸ˜ŽπŸ’ΈπŸŒž

The effect a building wash down can generate to your business is also highly underestimated. In a day and age where appearances are everything, first impressions count, and this includes the exterior to your business. The team at FCT offers a wide range of services to aid in the elevation of your property. Call now for a FREE quote!



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