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Brick Cleaning & Limestone Cleaning Services

Brick & Limestone Restoration

FCT provide high quality brick cleaning and limestone cleaning
services. FCT also specialise in brick & limestone sealing. Resistant to water damage and staining, our sealing process improves performance and durability of brickwork and limestone.

FCT provide a service using a delicate Torbo system or hot water low pressure machines to clean any surface removing unsightly stains, chewing gum, borestains, oil and other markings. Winter mildew or rust buildup are cleaned easily and soon your yard, driveway or wall is looking like new.

Back yards with mould or rust build up, bore stain or mildew our machines will restore to new.




FCT specialised limestone cleaning can also work in conjunction with limestone repair and restoration to revitalise and transform old walls into stunning features.

Limestone Cleaning

Over time limestone can gain moss, mildew, smoke and discolour. FCT will clean your limestone easily and we can also offer a sealant to maintain the limestone and make it easy for cleaning the next time.

Brick Cleaning – Commercial

FCT supply a service of acid washing and fan cleaning to remove builders mortar and debris from bricks.

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