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Pool Resurfacing Perth

Pool resurfacing in Perth doesn’t have to be a tedious task. While everyone, of course, loves the idea of relaxing pool-side or watching their kids learn to swim, it is quite common for pool owners to despise the amount of maintenance required. For the safest and best-looking pool possible, it is ideal to resurface your pool every couple of years, but this doesn’t have to be hard.

FCT are number one in Perth for quality swimming pool resurfacing and restoration services at affordable prices.

Years of experience guarantee that the correct finish will be made to your pool whether you are resurfacing, repainting or re-plastering.

What are the benefits of pool resurfacing in Perth?

It prevents damage: 

When the surface of a pool begins to deteriorate it makes it very hard to clean. Improper cleaning leads to further wear and tear and can even lead to cracks appearing in the structure of the pool. Structural damage can end up costing a lot more than a regular pool resurfacing and can leave your family without somewhere to swim for the summer. It is very important to call a professional immediately when finding a crack to avoid it from spreading or from causing a larger issue. Reaching out to our team at FCT is a quick way to ensure that damage is prevented or taken care of quickly.

It can prevent injuries: 

A rough surface can cause swimmers to obtain scratches and cuts which can later turn into infections. To ensure your kids are swimming in the safest environment possible, it is wise to organise a simple pool resurfacing. A resurface can also make a swim feel more pleasant as your feet and body will be rubbing against a nice and smooth surface rather than a rough one. After all, there is no point in owning a pool if conditions aren’t ideal to swim in.

It can improve appearance: 

While it is important to have somewhere to escape to in Perth’s hot weather, it is also nice to have a place that looks great too. As a pool ages, the concrete can begin to erode and trap dirt, this makes the pool look unpleasant and unclean to swim in. It can also begin to expose the original plaster structure and cause the pool to lose its original look of charm and luxury. The appearance of a pool can also be imperative if a home is up for auction or sale. A potential buyer doesn’t want to see a pool that looks unhygienic of a lot of work. A simple resurface can have a swimming pool looking brand again and ready to swim in.

Why is it important to find a professional?

When discovering existing damage in your pool is it crucial to have the issue fixed right away. Quick fixes often end up costing more money in the long run because they do not address the issue properly and can lead to further damage. A pool surfacing professional in Perth will have the correct tools and expertise to get the job done safely, correctly and efficiently. FCT are a knowledgeable and fully trained team with all of the correct insurances. Employing our professional services means that your pool can remain in its best condition for longer and can save money in the long run.

Swimming Pool Resurfacing

The unique Torbo machine can finely blast your pool to a surface suitable for the finishing works. Using a fine media the pool will be blasted and acid washed in preparation for completion.

FCT can also blast surrounding areas and tiles.

FCT Surface Cleaning will guarantee removal of all debris on completion.

FCT Surface Cleaning uses a low pressure sand blasting system that guarantees your pool will not be badly pitted. FCT have mastered the art of sand blasting swimming pools having completed 1000’s over the years.

An estimate price can be given over the phone – call now for swimming pool restoration!



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