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High Pressure Cleaning Services Perth

The state of the art multipurpose portable wash system that washes simultaneously collects all of the water and then recycles the water ready for reuse. The continuous recycling system is trailer mounted and requires no filter changes as it does this automatically. The system literally runs non-stop using the same water over and over again.

For the removal of…

Dirt – Oil – Grime – Gum

These elements can be successfully removed from all surfaces quickly and efficiently. Our new Clean Capture Recycle machine will vacuum the debris together with the water and continue to recycle the water, which continually contributes to the protection of our environment also.

Hire Pressure Cleaning

Absolutely nothing compares to a Trailer system, perfect for use on airports, train stations, car parks, shopping centres, service stations, public forecourts, commercial units, warehouse walkways, ferry wharfs, cold storage or wherever cleaning is required.

  • Petrol Engine
    30L non-corrosive fuel tank
  • Pump
    20L/M 5000 PSI rating
  • Burner
    Horizontal draft stainless steel housing & coil
  • Generator
    Petrol, fully integrated
  • Controls
    Complete control panel which includes engine start/stop pressure guage, temperature control, hour meter
  • Filtration
    Continuous filtration unit, auto media advance, stainless steel construction
  • Vacuum Recovery System
    For distance of up to 100m, dual vacuum motors
  • Integrated Trailer
    Constructed of 3, 4 and 6 inch steel “C” channel steel. 2000L water storage tank
  • Spray System
    High-pressure dual barrel wand with variable pressure control
  • Hydro-Scrubber
    Rotary floor cleaner with recovery system of up to 100cm
  • Electric Hose Reel
    For high pressure hose, vacuum recovery and electrical cable

Feel free to contact us for further information on our pressure cleaning systems.

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