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At FCT Cleaning, we recently undertook a challenging yet fulfilling project, which involved cleaning one of the newly erected brickwork at Armadale Courthouse.

The objective was clear: remove all surface contaminants to reveal clean and bright brickwork that met our client’s expected aesthetic and quality.

The site presented unique challenges, notably the difficulty reaching all brickwork areas. To address this, we used specialised access equipment and employed advanced techniques, ensuring our team could safely and effectively navigate the site. This approach was not only about guaranteeing the quality of our work but also about adhering to strict safety standards.

Our team’s expertise in surface cleaning was put to the test as we meticulously cleaned each brick, removing dust, debris, and other contaminants that had accumulated during the construction process. Using specialised cleaning solutions and techniques ensured that we could achieve the best outcome possible without compromising the integrity of the brickwork.

Upon completion, the transformation was remarkable. We were able to restore the brickwork to its original colour and texture. This project was a testament to our ability to overcome logistical and technical challenges through innovation and teamwork, ensuring client satisfaction and setting a high standard for future projects.