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Bore Stain Removal Perth

Bore Water Stains are a build up of rust found in areas where there is a bore pump in use. Over time, due to the amount of iron oxide (rust) contained in the water, it leaves a brown mark on the surface that will grow darker as the use of the bore water continues. Unfortunately this does not make your paved areas look nice and clean!

We understand that an outdoor area is a pride and joy for many, so having a paved area that looks less than inviting is not ideal. By simply seeking the support of our experts, bore stains can be quickly and easily removed, and your home can be looking spic and span once again.


A little about us

FCT are bore stain removal specialists! We will remove this unsightly appearance from any surface with the use of our non-toxic chemicals and low pressure sandblasting unit, without doing any damage to the original surface. These areas can also be sealed to avoid attracting further stains.

Our company was founded in 1994, so we have many years of experience. We have the knowledge and tools to quickly solve problems without any mucking around. We have some of the most competitive prices in the business, as well as many happy customers who have left us glowing testimonials (these can be seen on our website).

The products we use

Our products are some of the safest and most reputable that can be used in your home. We understand how important it is to use products that are free from dangerous chemicals in order to protect our health, as well as the health of our children and pets. We are extremely proud of the fact that we use Eco Live Clean products which are made from bio-degradable products, are non-toxic, non-petroleum, non-alkaline, non-acid, non-VOC, fragrance-free, colour-free and do not leave behind a chemical smell like some other cleaning products do. Furthermore, our products safely clean all washable surfaces and are free phosphates, bleach, parabens, SLES, SLS, and ethanol. As well are protecting our health with the products used, we are also ensuring that our products cause the least amount of damage to the environment as possible.

Why seek the support of a professional?

We want to make life as easy as possible for you. This is why we offer free and easy to obtain quotes. Furthermore, we conveniently come to your home or place of business and quickly take care of the issue. Often people try to remove stains themselves with products that do not work and end up wasting time and energy. Instead of spending your weekend bent over scrubbing away at a stain, you can be doing the things you love. We will bring the correct tools to use, will use the correct safety procedures and will use the correct amount of staff needed. This way injuries are prevented, and the job is taken care of quickly.

Seeking the support of a professional can be extremely beneficial when renting or selling a property. A small eyesore like a bore water stain can turn buyers or renters away as they see it as more work that has to be done. By calling one of our experts, we can quickly remove the stain and have the home looking a million bucks.


How can I contact you?

Here at FCT, we welcome all inquiries. Whatever your situation, we can work out a way to cater to you:

  • Our head office is located at 12/69-73 Hector Street West, Osborne Park 6017
  • Postal address is PO Box 1051 OSBORNE PARK DC, WA, 6916. This is where cheques can be conveniently sent.
  • A quick and easy phone call can be made to (08) 9204 3333 or to Tim Harris directly on 0411 708 051. Alternatively, you can email us at We are more than happy to provide free quotes and are very confident that our competitive prices will impress.

By implementing our expert services, not only will time, money and energy be saved but your previously stained areas will be looking as good as new!

Don’t wait for your bore water to stain your surfaces any longer! Contact us now for a FREE quote.

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