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Brick Cleaning

Clean the bricks on the exterior and interior of your home

Bricks like any surface can bring a build-up of cobwebs, dirty grout and other grime that builds up over time. As different seasons come and go, the wear and tear from the weather can be another contributing factor. The team at FCT can clean the bricks on the exterior and interior of your home and restore their beautiful finish.

High pressure brick cleaning

FCT cleaning are your number one choice for brick cleaning in Perth and surrounding areas, and offer a fully mobile service that can travel anywhere in the state. Our company takes great pride in providing an exceptional customer service experience each and every time. At FCT Cleaning, our brick cleaning services for both homes and businesses in Perth are both highly effective, affordable and personally tailored for each of our valued customers.

Thanks to our pressure cleaning team and world class equipment these bricks are looking as good as new. Our equipment can safely clean brick and stone work without damages to the surface.

FCT Cleaning are experts at restoring and cleaning older brick buildings, and our team are specially trained to provide highly effective cleaning services that won’t cause damage to fragile or aged brickwork. Using the latest technology in high pressure cleaning that is both gentle and effective, our team will quickly and effectively remove dirt and debris from the outside of the brickwork. Because our high pressure cleaning hoses are so targeted and powerful, FCT Cleaning are able to clean even heritage listed brick buildings in Perth without the use of harmful chemicals.

Our team also do a lot of brick cleaning for construction companies to remove mortar, dags and slurry after the bricks have been laid, in preparation for painting or to just make them look presentable. We will make sure that no construction debris will get in the way of a finished work of art.

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We used FCT for high pressure water blasting and cleaning a water flume at UWA. The team was very professional and we are very happy with the outcome.

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