12/69 Hector St W, Osborne Park WA 6017


In the heart of Perth, the Cultural Centre stands as a beacon of art, history, and community, though faced with the persistent challenge of graffiti threatening to tarnish its facade.

Tasked with preserving the integrity of this landmark, FCT Cleaning embarked on a critical mission back in 2015 that we still uphold today: to maintain the elegance and historical value of the buildings by executing regular graffiti removal across the entire centre, both on a programmed and ad hoc basis.

The operation (due to its ongoing nature) demands swift response times and a delicate touch, especially given the variety of heritage surfaces and susceptible areas involved. Each surface presents a different challenge, requiring us to employ a broad range of removal techniques, from gentle chemical treatments to precise blasting methods; the team meticulously selects the most appropriate approach for each unique surface.

At FCT Cleaning, our commitment to preserving the cultural heritage associated with the Perth Cultural Centre is evident, from careful planning to precise execution. By quickly responding to graffiti incidents and employing specialised techniques tailored to each surface, we aim to uphold the Cultural Centre’s prestige. This dedicated effort not only safeguards the physical appearance of the buildings but also ensures that the cultural and historical essence of the centre remains intact for future generations to appreciate.