12/69 Hector St W, Osborne Park WA 6017


Here at FCT Cleaning, we recently faced the daunting challenge of restoring Thornlie IGA after it had suffered severe fire damage.

The first step involved a comprehensive clear-out of all stock and contents and the removal of debris, rubble, and burnt items (this was no small feat!). The fire wreaked havoc, and the scale of destruction meant we required a meticulous approach to ensure that every trace of damage was addressed.

With the clear-out phase completed, the next step was deep cleaning Thornlie IGA to eliminate all hazardous contaminants. This step was vital for the aesthetic rehabilitation of the space and for safeguarding the health and safety of employees and customers.

To tackle these extensive requirements, FCT Cleaning mobilised our large team, who were equipped with a fleet of access and specialised equipment. Our capability to deploy such resources swiftly was instrumental in the rapid completion of the project. The team’s expertise and use of advanced cleaning techniques ensured that every inch of the premises was thoroughly cleansed of soot, smoke, and hazardous materials.

This efficient and comprehensive approach allowed the refurbishment of the premises to commence ahead of schedule. Our effective project management underscored FCT Cleaning’s commitment to excellence and ability to respond effectively to complex challenges, setting a benchmark for future restoration projects.