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The Ultimate Guide to Effective Graffiti Removal: Tips and Techniques

There’s no doubt that graffiti is an eyesore, and it is often done overnight or on weekends when no one is around. Graffiti can put a real dent on how your business or home looks to those passing by, but thankfully it can be removed, and it can be done so relatively quickly.  

We share some of our effective tips and techniques to help you remove graffiti from your business or home, allowing you to restore surfaces back to how they were.  

Tips and Techniques to Cleaning Graffiti  

Easy cleaning of graffiti comes down to acting quickly. Fresh graffiti is far easier to remove than paint that has set in and the sooner it is tackled, the better. When cleaning graffiti yourself, you should avoid spreading the paint further, and work from the edges inward.  

Because there are specific graffiti removal products available on the market, you need to choose a product formulated for the type of surface and type of paint used in the graffiti. This means you need to determine whether the surface is porous or non-porous, as this will influence the cleaning chemical and method you choose. 

We understand that in many cases you may want to try and remove the graffiti yourself, but if there is extensive tagging, or delicate surfaces are involved, professional graffiti removal services are probably the best option when it comes to effective removal and saving time and money.  

Start with Safety  

When it comes to graffiti removal there are a lot of chemicals and tools used that can be harmful There are a few safety aspects you should prioritise before tackling the removal process.   

  • Wear gloves and eye protection – chemical strippers and scrubbing can irritate the eyes and skin.  
  • Ensure proper ventilation – fumes from some chemical removers can be hazardous. Ensure the area is well ventilated, and if you are unable to ventilate the area, wear a respirator.  
  • Test an inconspicuous spot – like many things where chemicals are involved, before cleaning a large space you should work on a small, hidden area to ensure that the chemical works, and doesn’t damage the surface.   

Different Tactics for Different Surfaces  

When it comes to cleaning surfaces, each type of surface may require a different chemical or method to clean it. We’ve been cleaning graffiti off homes and business buildings for quite a few years now, so here are our most effective cleaning methods for the most common surfaces.  

Brick & Concrete – these tougher surfaces can handle a more aggressive approach. For these surfaces, there are two different approaches we recommend. The first is power washing using a high-pressure washer. This can effectively remove loose paint. You should start with a lower level of pressure and then increase gradually to avoid damage.  

The second approach is to use high-strength chemical strippers that are made for concrete. We do however recommend using these products with caution, and according to manufacturer’s instructions.  

Metal – metal surfaces are a good medium for cleaning using various techniques, however there are two main techniques that are best used when cleaning this surface.  

Paint thinners, like mineral spirits or lacquer thinner can work on some metal surfaces but as always it is best to check compatibility first. Penetrating oil is a less harsh cleaning material, and a light coat of WD-40 or similar may be enough to loosen the paint.  

Plastic – plastic surfaces require a gentler touch when it comes to cleaning graffiti. Two of the best options are WD-40 or light oil or a plastic scrubber. Similarly to metal, a light oil application can be the most effective when it comes to plastic. Harsh thinners can damage the plastic or cause it to become cloudy. You may also find that a regular sponge or light-duty plastic scouring pad will clean the surface without scratching.  

It is good to remember that prevention is always better than a cure when it comes to graffiti. If your premises are regularly being tagged you may want to consider installing security cameras or using anti-graffiti coatings to deter taggers in the first place.  

Using Anti-Graffiti Coatings  

If your business has been the victim of tagging multiple times, you may be wondering what options you have to stop it. Security cameras are a great idea, but unfortunately that doesn’t always stop it happening. Anti-graffiti coatings are specialised coatings applied to surfaces to deter and simplify the removal of graffiti. They work through a combination of physical and chemical properties.  

Anti-graffiti coatings create a non-stick surface that prevents paint from adhering firmly to the substrate. When graffiti is applied to a surface treated with this coating, the paint has difficulty bonding, making it easier to remove. 

These coatings are designed to be durable and long-lasting, providing ongoing protection against graffiti vandalism. They can withstand exposure to weathering, UV radiation, and cleaning agents without deteriorating.  

Perth Graffiti Cleaning and Removal Services 

Ensuring your business premises are well maintained is important to avoid deterring potential customers as a result of graffiti damage. 

For property owners aiming to sell or lease their premises, graffiti can convey an unfavourable impression, potentially suggesting the property is situated in a less desirable locale associated with socio-economic challenges and heightened crime rates. 

FCT provides high quality graffiti removal and cleaning services to Perth and surrounding areas. We have proudly held the government contract for graffiti removal since 1994. 

Each of our team members undergoes rigorous training and strictly adheres to safety protocols throughout our service delivery. We are fully insured and committed to leaving no trace of mess or debris upon completion of the job. Environmental consciousness is integral to our approach, and we prioritise the use of eco-friendly products whenever possible in our cleaning endeavours. 

If you have found yourself with graffiti on your business premises or on your home, our friendly and professional team are here to help you remove it quickly and effectively. Contact us on 9204 3333. 

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